Complete Ground Applicator Kit

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The Brush Bullet Complete Ground Applicator Kit, provides everything you need for the application of Brush Bullet. This kit includes a 110v/12v High Pressure Air (HPA) compressor along with an applicator gun and two HPA bottles. The HPA compressor will refill an applicator bottle in about 18-20 minutes. With the two provided HPA bottles, you can apply hundreds of Brush Bullets per bottle with no down time. Also includes 1lb of Brush Bullets in a reusable pod.

What to Expect - With Brush Bullet

Save Hundreds

With Brush Bullet You'll be saving money while getting the job done quicker and more efficiently.


It's as simple as applying one Brush Bullet per 3 feet of tree and waiting for the next rainfall. No need for complex setups or costly equipment. Brush Bullet activates with just 3/4" of rain, making it incredibly convenient and environmentally friendly.

Remove invasive species fast

Brush Bullet's effectiveness is backed by a track record of success. Join countless satisfied customers who have saved both time and money while achieving a weed-free paradise.