What to Expect - With Brush Bullet

Save Hundreds

With Brush Bullet You'll be saving money while getting the job done quicker and more efficiently.


It's as simple as applying one Brush Bullet per 3 feet of tree and waiting for the next rainfall. No need for complex setups or costly equipment. Brush Bullet activates with just 3/4" of rain, making it incredibly convenient and environmentally friendly.

Remove invasive species fast

Brush Bullet's effectiveness is backed by a track record of success. Join countless satisfied customers who have saved both time and money while achieving a weed-free paradise.

After Just One Treatment

Brush Bullet was designed to target all unwanted plant species. After application of one Brush Bullet per 3’ of tree, Brush Bullet only requires 3/4” of rain to dissolve.

Once dissolved, Brush Bullet is absorbed from the roots of the targeted plant, stopping its reproduction.

The targeted plant will begin to decay within 90 days.

Single stem plants. Multi-stemmed plants such as Mesquite, Huisache, Multiflora Rose, and Red Berry Cedar (Juniper). Smutgrass.

Woody plants such as black cherry, blackgum*, dogwood*, elm, hawthorn, hickory, oaks, red maple, sweetgum and sumac and more.

Targeted Plant Species

Alder, Ash, Aspen, Balsam Poplar, Birch, Black Cherry, Catclaw, Deerbrush, Dogwood, Elm, Hickory, Juniper, Locust, Oaks, Persimmon, Privet, Sourwood, Sumac, Sweetbay, Sweetgum, Tallow, Wild Cherry, Wild Plum, Whitebrush, Whitethorn, Willow, Yellow Poplar.

Brush Bullet is a game changing herbicide.

Industry costs for cedar tree removal can cost over $500 an acre. Using our Brush Pod Universal Applicator, Brush Bullet can be applied by air using a helicopter or other aerial platform such as drones.

Using this method will save you hundreds of dollars per acre, leave zero footprint and stops the plant from reproducing once Brush Bullet has been absorbed. Read the label and apply only as directed.