Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply Brush Bullet?

Applying Brush Bullet is simple. Start by following the guidelines on the label for protective equipment. When your ready the application is one Brush Bullet for every three feet of height or width of plant. this can be done by hand or with equipment designed to be used for Brush Bullet and sold here on the website.

When should I apply Brush Bullet?

February through August when temperature average is over 60 Fahrenheit.

Do I need an applicators license to apply Brush Bullet?


What Species Does It Control?

Brush Bullet is effective on all invasive plant species. The only factors will be time and water. Time will depend on the water absorption rate of the invasive species. The faster the absorption, the faster the control of the invasive species (Cedar). The slower the absorption, the slower the control (Cactus/Mesquite). Rainfall will also be a factor as Brush Bullet needs up to 1” of rain to completely dissolve. This is not 1” continuous rainfall but about 1” in total.

How does Brush Bullet Work?

Once applied, Brush Bullet will remain where applied until rainfall occurs. Each rainfall will dissolve the Brush Bullet until about 1” of rainfall has occurred at which time Brush Bullet will be completely dissolved.

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